We believe in a big potential of the agricultural development in Russia. For the purpose of agricultural products development the  company Zolotaya Niva has consolidated more than 2 429 hectares of agricultural lands in Safronovsky district of Smolensk region, which is a fertile region and has favorable conditions for cattle breeding.

One of the first projects of our affiliate agricultural company Zolotaja Niva is the creation of a modern milk products complex with its own forage base. The choice of this direction is not occasional. The potential of milk production market in Russia is rather high. Today our country imports 75 per cent of the consumed in the country milk. Besides that, the milk consumption rates in Russia are much lower than not only the world indices, but also average physiological standard. Taking into consideration the increase of the populations incomes, the demand for milk will grow in the nearest future.

In 2012 we completed the erection of the dairy farm for 1200 heads. In 2014 the project of the farm expansion up to 1800 heads has been realized.

The complex is provided with equipment and machinery of the leading world manufacturers: WestfaliaSurge, JohnDeere, Strautmann, JCB. With a view to achieve the products high quality and increase in the projects profitability we have made the delivery of breeding heifer calves of one of the most high-productive dairy breeds in the world - Holstein-Friesian one from Germany and USA.

The modern equipment and herd care techniques help us to get milk of the highest quality with the high content of fat and protein. An average milk yield during the first lactation makes up to 25 kilos a day per milk cow. The complex productivity is 10 000 tons of milk per year.