Deposit Utinskoje

Deposit Utinskoje, stricken in 1932, is situated in Jagodninsky district, 114 kilometers from the village Jagodnoje and pertaining to the south-eastern part of Jano-Kolymsky gold-field. The gold-ore mineralization is found in dyke and quartz-vein bodies, mainly in the north-west direction. The deads are vulcanic-terrigene sediments of Jurrassic and Triassic age. The possibility of this deposit development is based on detection of industrial mineralization not only in intrusive bodies and quartz veins, but also in the deads that will let us reveal the so called large-capacity objects the stocks in which are calculated in hundreds of tons of gold at relatively low contents.   

Today the inferred resources for Utinskoje make up 50 tons of gold. For checking of the data about availability of industrial mineralization in interdyke space in 2008-2009 we performed the core-drilling of more than 15 thousand of long meters and drifting of open pits. It is planned to prepare for exploitation the gold-ore object of stockwork type with stocks from 50 to 100 tons of gold, for surface mining.