Deposit Pavlik

Deposit Pavlik is one of the most perspective ones in the portfolio of IC Arlan. It is situated in Tenkinsky district of Magadan Region. The deposit, stricken in 1942, is a part of Omchaksky ore-loose intersection. The further intensive development in this region will lead to a thick mining cluster. The deposit is connected with Magadan via federal highway Tenka. In 2011 we got the technical specifications for the connection of the deposit Pavlik to electric mains. The power supply will be provided thanks to Kolymskaja State District Power Station capacities.

Mineral raw-material base of the deposit Pavlik makes up 154 tons of stocks, 100-150 tons of resources.

Over the last years there is a tendency to complication of gold-mining in the world, because the base of the simple ones in development deposits has been practically worked out. It forces the gold-mining companies to apply expensive and science-intensive techniques of ore mining and processing, that leads to significant price rise of production and frequently prejudices an economical expediency of the mining. In spite of the re

lative mining and geological complexity of its structure, the deposit Pavlik let us do the surface mining. The specific character of the local ores implies the use of traditional techniques of gold extraction: gravitation, flotation and carbon-in-leach process. According to conclusion of international audit, the gold extraction in local ores will make not less than 82 per cent. The set of these conditions gives the project significant economic advantages. Today Arlan realizes the strategy of ore-mining and processing complex construction with annual capacity up to 4 million tons of ore.